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The Barbarossa Dreadnought Guitar

This page provides the details on the dreadnought guitar (D) and shows you some examples of this size guitar.

This is my version of a dreadnought.  It features the classic materials:  Indian rosewood and Sitka
spruce and is built to be similar to the pre-war Martin's.  This guitar has an over-sized soundhole
and "pre-war" style scalloped braces.  The sound is big, full, with plenty of bass and well-defined
midrange and treble.  The sound of my Ds will blow you away.


Here's what a customer said of one of my Ds:


"Hi Jim,
I just bought your wonderful guitar from Paramount Guitars. I was not shoping for a new guitar but I accidently played your hand made guitar. That was probably the best guitar I have ever played. I just wanted to thank you personally.  It has been an unbeliavable experience to actually bring it home. I will take good care of it and if I ever buy another guitar it will most likely be one of yours. The tone and volume is incredible.

Thank you very much,

March 2007 (oversized soundhole Dreadnought guitar, Sitka spruce and Indian rosewood)

There are several of these currently available on my Special Page.



Dreadnought in Sitka spruce and Indian rosewood (herringbone trim):






I can also build you a dreadnought that is in the style of the Gibson J45, what I call a slope-shouldered D.
I have built many of these as well.

Basic specification of the dreadnought guitar:

Scale Length:   25.4
Frets clear of the body:   14
Width at lower bouts:   15.63
Width at upper bouts:   11.50
Body depth at tail:   4.88
Body length:   20.00
Overall length:   41.00
(Important:  Dimensions are generally ± 1/8 inch)

The other guitar sizes for comparison, along with Martin standard sizes.
Dimension B1 B0 B00 B000 OM GA D Martin 0 Martin 00 Martin 000 Martin D
Scale Length:   24.9 24.9 24.9 24.9 25.4 25.4 25.4 24.9 24.9 24.9 25.4
Frets clear of the body:   12 12 12 14 14 14 14 12 12 14 14
Width at lower bouts:   13.00 13.75 14.50 15.25 15.25 15.63 15.63 13.50 14.31 15.00 15.63
Width at upper bouts:   9.25 9.88 10.60 11.75 11.75 11.62 11.50        
Body depth at tail:   4.15 4.25 4.30 4.15 4.15 4.50 4.88 4.19 4.06 4.13 4.88
Body length:   19.00 19.13 19.13 19.38 19.38 20.00 20.00 19.13 19.63 19.38 20.00
Overall length:   38.00 38.00 38.50 40.00 41.00 41.00          

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