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Some Interesting Repairs and Alterations


Replacing a Guitar Neck

Re-shaping a Guitar Neck and Adding a Fretboard Extension



This page shows the removal and replacement of a guitar neck.  This guitar never had the right neck angle.  Close; but no cigar.  It was one of my personal guitars, so no big deal; but I finally re-did the neck.  Now it has the perfect neck angle!  (And it has a good home with a good friend of mine.)


Underneath those photos, I show some of the process of re-shaping a neck for a customer who decided later that they wanted to change the profile shape of their neck.  This customer also wanted an fretboard extension added, which I also did.  The neck reshape was on a guitar with a lacquer finish.  We decided to refinish the re-shaped neck with Tru-Oil finish.  He was very happy with the this:  It's a great finish for necks.



Guitar Re-Neck

(A Scary Story)


Sawing off the old neck (!!) Neck gone (doggone!) Masked to remove the neck "tongue"



Removing the "tongue" with heat Removing the "tongue" with heat Tongue's off


There's still a block of wood glued in the dovetail joint (will be milled out) Body milled out and neck joint fitted to the body (but not yet shaped) All done



All done All done All done



Guitar Neck Total Reshape + Fretboard Extension

(Another Scary Story)


To match the new profile, the neck had to be made thinner near the heel.  I used a caliper and marked it for the first cut. The guitar, carefully masked and wrapper to protect it during the work. The first cut to thin the neck

Creating the new profile The neck has a new shape! Re-finished with Tru-Oil


Gluing on the new fretboard extension (two kinds of glue simultaneously!) Fretboard extension installation from the inside of the box Glued in

All cleaned up All cleaned up Before the mods


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